Wasa-Nabin: “to look forward”

Goals and Objectives:

Wasa-Nabin is a program for at-risk youth ages 13-18 that provides support and tools within a cultural framework to foster the ability to make healthy choices, as well as to provide healthy activities for clients and participants.

This goal is achieved through the implementation of the following six (6) objectives:

  • Provision of social supports to address self-esteem issues, victimization issues, and peer pressure;
  • Through outreach, aims to increase access to culturally appropriate services for youth in care and their families and to include support and education for Non-Aboriginal adoptive and foster parents;
  • To promote healthy eating and physical development through opportunities that integrate knowledge of traditional health approaches, nutrition and physical activity;
  • Increase support for youth in the education system through homework support, school suspension support, and to provide direct access to computers and literacy initiatives;
  • Provision of support, preventative programming and/or intervention strategies for youth involved in the justice system through the use of tools such as Streetwolf -The Seven Principles of Self Leadership”, and;
  • Addressing violence through collaboration with Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin (I Am A Kind Man) and through the involvement of Elders.

Program Components:

Youth are considered at-risk before specific negative behaviours and outcomes emerge as a reaction to their circumstances in life. Youth involved in this program will enhance their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values, and will demonstrate positive personal choices and awareness of the consequences of negative behaviours. This is achieved mainly by one-to-one support of the client under one of the six (6) objectives. Action plans are created with the client that outline the personal goals that the client wants to achieve with the help of Wasa-Nabin. The program will occasionally offer participant based activities inclusive of youth participation, community and group activities.

Target: Urban Aboriginal at-risk youth ages 13-18

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