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The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Programme (UAHLP) can help you achieve your lifestyle goals!

This programme is taking major strides to help community members to increase their physical activity levels and their cardio-vascular health; to become smoke-free; to increase knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating practices and weight management; and, to enhance the leadership ability of our youth.

While the UAHLP offers great benefits for the community as a whole, it also maintains four key target groups for special programming:

  • - Children
  • - Youth
  • - Women
  • - Seniors and Disabled Adults

What to expect from the programme?


Introducing daily physical activity and sport participation as a healthy lifestyle habit early on is important for childhood development. Also, being an active child sets the stage for increased physical actiity and self-esteem in adulthood.

Did you know? Sport participation by children in Canada is on the decline?

Increasing your daily active time is fun and great for your health! Children aged 7-12 years can look forward to various sports and recreation activities that will strengthen the heart, help to achieve and maintain healthy weight, and enhance healthy growth and development.


Television, computers and video games can keep youth very busy however these are not physically active sources of entertainment.

Physical activity is important for healthy physical growth, development, and healthy weight maintenance.

Did you know? 41% of urban Aboriginal youth in Canada are overweight or obese. This has contributed to the rise of early onset type 2 diabetes.

Increasing your physical activity by 30 minutes a day is a great start to healthier activity habits which will carry throughout your life.


A woman may fill various care-giving roles throughout her life: mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend, teacher and more. Unfortunately, demanding work and/or family schedules often prevents women from taking time to care for their own well-being

Making the time to prepare healthy meals and engaging in regular physical activity is important to your health. A healthier you makes a healthier family, community, and workplace.

Women can look forward to regular ongoing "Women Only" programmes such as yoga and aerobics.

These programmes will provide women with the opportunity to connect with other women and to engage in some distraction-free "me" time, and to make exercise a healthy lifestyle habit.

Seniors and Disabled Adults

It is never too late to increase your physical activity level and improve your healthy lifestyle choices. In fact, active living is an important part of aging well and disability management.

Regular activity can help you maintain your health and independence and prevent disabling conditions later on.

Seniors and Disabled Adults can look forward to a variety of programmes designed to help build strength, flexibility, and endurance - supporting our seniors and disabled adults in living healthier lives.


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Sheridon Baptiste

Coordinator Ext. 226

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