The Odawa Aboriginal Community Justice Programme that gives support to the Aboriginal community on justice and court related issues. We assist Aboriginal peoples (Status Indian, Non-Status Indian, M├ętis or Inuit) in the Ottawa area who have been charged with a summary offence(s); We do this by creating a healing process that will include a culturally-based Healing Plan.

Our Mission Statement

To empower the offender by encouraging them to take full responsibility for their actions and to make positive changes in their own lives.

How Our Program Works


  1. •Is open to all Aboriginal peoples who have been charged with a summary conviction(s) and;
  2. •Takes full responsibility for their actions;
  3. •Must not be on parole or probation.

Healing Plan

Traditional teachings emphasize that equal attention be placed on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to maintain balance in one's life. The Healing Plan will be based on the client's personal issues and in some cases; help the client reconnect with their Aboriginal roots if they have become disconnected from their heritage. Some other options in the Healing Plan may include:

  1. •Therapy & Counselling
  2. •Addictions Programmes
  3. •Cultural programmes to help empower the individual's sense of identity
  4. •Other suitable programmes

Conditions For Clients

Your case must first be approved by the Crown Attorney's office for diversion to the Odawa Aboriginal Justice Council.

The length of the Healing Plan will be for a 3 month period with the option to extend to a 6 month period; Attend all scheduled appointments and Hearings; Follow the terms and conditions of the OACJ programme and Healing Plan; Treat OAJC Program staff and volunteers with respect; Failure to comply will result in the charge(s) being completed in the courts.


250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6K7


OACJP Coordinator Ext. 270

Fax: 613.729.0032



Court House Contact:

Aboriginal Criminal Court Support Worker