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Terry McKay

Elder Terry McKay, Eagle clan of the Gitandeau tribe of the Tsimshian Nation

of the northwest coast of BC, has been living and working in the Ottawa area for over three decades. He has been involved as an Elder with the OACJP from the programme's beginning. Terry and his wife, Maureen, have a daughter and son. 68yrs old, Terry worked as an upholsterer for about 25yrs, and enjoys making quilted blankets with various Indian designs.

"My role in the Justice program is to guide the younger people in the ways of our old people. There weren't any similar programs when I was growing up, so when it started, I eagerly jumped aboard. I have been with the present program for about 1 and a half years. I learned a lot from my parents, grandparents, etc. Now, I fell its time to share their knowledge and pass it on."

Elder Annie (Kishkwanakwad) St Georges is an Algonquin Elder,

born and raised on the Kitigan-Zibi reserve near Maniwaki, Quebec. She holds a teaching certificate from the University of Quebec and worked several years for the Government of Canada. She is a recognized Elder and the initiator of National Aboriginal Awareness Week. She has been featured in many documentaries on Aboriginal culture and social issues. Kishkwanakwad has devoted her life to the promotion and recognition of the positive values of Aboriginal peoples. Kishkwanakwad has recently become involved with OACJP as an Elder with the Programme.

Morgan Hare

Morgan Hare, Executive Director at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre

is from the MChigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. He has been involved in urban Aboriginal program development for over 30 years. After serving with the Canadian Forces and later working for Correctional Services of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba, his primary work experience has been centered on Urban Aboriginal Community Betterment. Twenty two years were spent in an Inuit specific community organization. Although culturally distinct, many of the issues facing Inuit in an urban setting are mirrored in the Aboriginal community (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) served by Odawa.

Guy Freedman

Guy Freedman, Lynx clan Michif (Métis) from Flin Flon, Manitoba,

is Host of the Unveiling Event. Founding Partner and President of the First Peoples Group, Guy is an entrepreneurial leader dedicated to the revival, renaissance and resurgence of First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures through the arts, media and business. A talented facilitator, trainer, keynote speaker and writer, Guy focuses on such topics as identity, self-esteem, culture, wellness, career and using one's gift to the best of their ability.

Brian Holowka is a Deputy Crown Attorney

with the Ottawa Crown Attorney's Office, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. He prosecutes and supervises prosecutors in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice and the Ontario Review Board. He is an active wiretap agent and is frequently involved in advising the police in relation to complex investigations in the homicide, government corruption and national security contexts. He is a member of Ontario's Child Homicide Resource Team. He is active in educating both Crown prosecutors and police officers in the law related to search and seizure, wiretapping and criminal organizations. He is a director of the Ontario Crown Attorney's Association/Ministry of the Attorney General's Complex Prosecution and Wiretap Summer Schools.

Josée Boulianne, Manager of Court Operations

joined the Ottawa Courthouse in November 2010. She was the youth probation manager for the Ottawa and Hawkesbury offices from July 2006 until October 2010. Previously, Josée held management positions with non-profit organizations. She also worked with the Office of the Children's Lawyer for two years. Josée has a Master's Degree in criminology and a Graduate Studies Diploma in management.

Cody Coyote

Cody Coyote

Cody Coyote is a Hip-Hop/Experimental recording artist and a song writer born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. As a past participant of OACJP, he turned to music as a release from a lifestyle that is now behind him. With his music he wishes to inspire others by encouraging them to put their mind to any positive out there and to be able to show them they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Based on his experiences, a little bit of positivity and heart has taken him a long way. ​

Cody Coyote's Website

Cody Coyote's Youtube

Neal Freeland

Neal Freeland, event committee

Neal is a Saulteaux artist, graphic novelist, film maker, writer, poet and Social Service Worker graduating from Algonquin College in April. He comes from the Rolling River Reserve in Manitoba and he is Wolf clan, with the name of Oshkabay'wis. He is an active social activist within the mainstream and Aboriginal society contributing his creative work to various causes. His experience in community justice began when he first became involved with the Aboriginal Court Support Worker through the second year placement of the Social Service Worker program at Algonquin College. Within the OACJP he oversees the casework for several participants ranging from initial intake, Healing Circle, writing of their Healing Plan to updating the program and courts of the participants' involvement in the program. He is also involved in the team effort on various projects designed to help the OACJP expand its involvement with the First Nations, Inuit, Métis and main stream communities.

Neal's Artist Facebook

Jennifer Valiquette

Jennifer Valiquette, event committee

Jennifer Valiquette is a soon-to-be Social Service Worker graduate from Algonquin College (End of April 2013). Jennifer was drawn to both the Justice and Aboriginal communities and found her ideal home to focus her effort and skills through her student placement at the Odawa Aboriginal Community Justice Programme. Within the program Jennifer does case management, and assists in organizing volunteers, projects and events. Her experience so far has ranged from a senior's day program, a women's drop-in agency, a low-income community house, and a young parent support agency. Jennifer is honoured to now be able to utilize her skills within the OACJP, as well as learning much more in return.

Allison Woods, event committee

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Trevor McDougal, Staff

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List of Volunteers with the Event

Alison Woods

Chris Teasdale

Christine Goulais

Felix K-R

Kat Pritchard

Kendra Jean von Eyben

Kethry Keyes

Mary Fitzgerald

Pedro Nova

Tasha Doucette

Aboriginal Experiences provides impressive catering services

featuring traditional native foods served in contemporary style which can range from casual summer barbeque to a formal native fusion dinner buffet and everything in between. Our professional team of Aboriginal chefs, cooks and servers are proud to serve fresh, high quality food with friendly service that is reflective of our culture of hospitality.
Aboriginal Experiences Catering

Natasha Bertrand

Natasha Bertrand, event planning consultant

Natasha Bertrand is a Communications, Marketing, and Event Planning professional brought in as an event planning consultant for the OACJP Unveiling event at the Ottawa Court House. Recently returned to Ottawa after living overseas, Natasha is Non-Status First Nations and passionate about sustainability, community development, arts, and anything about food. A stick-driving, style-conscious foodie, in her spare time Natasha enjoys wilderness conservation and bow-hunting, organic gardening and cooking, and inhales reading material.

O-Town Boyz

The name of the drum is O-Town Boyz

Formed in the last couple years, members of the O-Town Boys Drummers and Singers started out as volunteer drummers for various programs within the Aboriginal Service provider agencies in Ottawa. They quickly received the eyes and ears of many organizations and their drum and song now resonates in and around the Ottawa Carleton area.

Tonya Fawn

Tonya Fawn, Photographer

Tonya Fawn is a Quebec born Photographer /Artist/ Natural Health Consultant now based in the Eastern Ontario Region. She has travelled extensively throughout Canada and resided in Fort Simpson, NWT for a period of 3 years in the late 90s. While in Fort Simpson, she became bonded with the community and began to expand her study of natural medicines, as well as the Arts and Culture of the Dene People. This connected her closely to the elders of the community, thereby sensitizing her to the needs of the Northern First Nations People. Tonya Fawn runs a photography business specializing in Portraiture and Corporate photography. With her recent "Idle No More" involvement, she has turned her lens towards helping to bridge the gap between the First Nations and Non-Aboriginal Canadians. Through her work, she hopes to record and demonstrate to all Canadians the extent to which First Nations People are a vibrant and pivotal community that needs to be understood and respected throughout Canada and beyond.
Facebook Group

Melody McKiver

Melody McKiver, videographer

Melody McKiver is an emerging Anishinaabe multi-instrumentalist, interdisciplinary media artist and researcher. As a solo performer, she explores the range of the viola's possibilities while incorporating laptop processing and looping. Melody's musical practice spans across viola/violin, drums and percussion, and guitar, and currently plays drums with Toronto's Indigenous hip-hop fusion band Red Slam Collective. Within media arts, Melody works with digital video and photography both editorially and within video and sound art. Melody is affiliated with Tribal Spirit Music, and is currently Critical Blogger in Residence with Artengine and Apartment613.


Evan Buchanan

Evan Buchanan, Web Designer

Evan Buchanan is a web designer and visual artist from Ottawa. He has a passion for music and the arts, and enjoys designing artwork for musicians. Working with the OACJP to create their new face on the Internet has been a fulfilling experience, hopefully leading to new opportunities in the Ottawa community.


Press Releases

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Speakers confirmed for OACJP and Ottawa Court House Partnership Unveiling Event Friday, April 19, 1-2pm

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OACJP Unveiling

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