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New website launch for successful programme keeping Aboriginal offenders out of criminal justice system and minimizing repeat offences, just before big event

Ottawa, Ontario

Odawa Aboriginal Community Justice Programme launches a new comprehensive website just before the programme's upcoming big event.

WEBSITE: Previously, the OACJP had an information page on Odawa Native Friendship Centre's website. Now the Programme launches a new and easily navigated website with information regarding how OACJP works, eligibility, the programme's history, sponsors, professionals' bios, testimonials, photo and video gallery, and a growing media package.

The OACJP website was designed by Evan Buchanan

EVENT: Odawa Aboriginal Community Justice Programme will officially unveil its partnership with the Ottawa Court House in traditional ceremony with speakers, drumming and refreshments, Friday April 19th, 2013 from 1pm to 2pm, Main Atrium, Ottawa Court House, 161 Elgin St., Ottawa.

PROGRAMME: The Odawa Aboriginal Community Justice Programme, OACJP successfully keeps eligible aboriginal offenders out of the criminal justice system. Eligible offenders enter the programme with personalized healing plans which may include therapy and counselling, addictions programmes, cultural programmes to help reconnect or strengthen the individual's cultural identity, and other suitable programmes. One of the OACJP Healing Plan's end goals is to minimize repeat offences. Successful completion of the individual's OACJP Healing Plan results in his/her charges being withdrawn by the Court.

OACJP offers justice services to off-set the over-representation of Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit peoples in the criminal justice system. Supported by The Department of Justice, Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres and The Ministry of the Attorney General, OACJP runs at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, 12 Sterling Avenue, Ottawa.

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