The Odawa Native Friendship Centre offers a full calendar of events including programs for all age groups and needs, cultural events and social/recreational activities. We welcome any suggestions and support from the community in expanding our services.

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Akwe:go Program Page
This program has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive support to urban Aboriginal children between the ages of 7-12 who are at risk. We will provide urban Aboriginal children with the support, tools and healthy programming to build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices.

Alternative High School

Alternative High School Program Page
Alternative High School for Aboriginal Youth.

Community Justice

Community Justice Program Page
The Community Justice Program (CJ) was developed based on traditional Indigenous concepts of justice. The program seeks to provide meaningful alternatives to the mainstream Criminal Justice System for both youth and adult Indigenous offenders and will address the needs of victims (where applicable).
The CJ serves Indigenous people in the greater Ottawa area charged with criminal offenses regardless of previous involvement in the Criminal Justice System.

Criminal Court Worker

Aboriginal Criminal Courtworker Programme Page
ACCP is to assist Aboriginal accused to better understand their rights, options and responsibilities when appearing before the criminal courts.

Bail Worker

The Bail Worker supervises Bail Court orders, monitors bail release conditions and provides support to Indigenous clients in the Bail Verification and Supervision Program.

Family Support

Family Support Program Page
This program offers support to children (ages 0-6) and their families through culturally appropriate holistic program services and special events.

Healing And Wellness

Healing And Wellness Program Page
Promotes healthy lifestyles and reduces family violence through culture based programming and healing and intervention initiatives.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program Page
This program is for parents of young children. The Aboriginal Healthy Babies Program is designed to ensure that all Aboriginal families and their children 0-6 who are at risk of physical, emotional, mental and social problems have access to effective, consistent early intervention services.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Program Page

Promoting healthy lifestyles for Ottawa's Aboriginal Population.

Homeless Partnering Strategy

Homeless Partnering Strategy Program Page
Serving Ottawa's Indigenous Homeless people, and dedicated to those who are currently homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin - I Am a Kind Man

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin Program Page
A program aimed at ending violence towards women.

Life Long Care

Life Long Care Program Page
A program designed to respond to the life long care needs of older Aboriginal people who may have limited mobility related to a persistent medical condition or physical disabliity.

Sweetgrass Home Child Care Agency

Sweetgrass Home Child Care Agency Program Page
Co-ordinates home day care specifically designed to meet the needs of the Native community in the region.


Wasa-Nabin Program Page
The Wasa-Nabin Urban Aboriginal Youth Program provides urban Aboriginal youth between the ages of 13–18 with the support, tools and healthy activities to make healthy choices. The Program provides support and guidance in a cultural framework for youth who are at risk for specific negative behaviours.

Early Years

! New Program: Part of a cohesive system of services and supports for children aged 0-6 and their families, Odawa's Early Years Child and Family Centre is designed to:
  • Support parents in their role as their children's first teachers, enhance their well-being, and enrich their knowledge about early learning and development.
  • Provide access for children to play and inquiry-based learning opportunities, and experience positive developmental health and well-being.
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their children.
  • And more! 
[For more information, please contact Colleen, Meagan or Krystal at (613) 518-0992]


Recreation - Odawa offers a wide variety of recreational and physical fitness activities such as fitness classes, tournaments and social gatherings. The Healthy Living Program holds activities all week.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness - This is an important element of Odawa's activities. Each program builds in cultural practices and/or ceremonies. The annual Odawa Pow Wow also increases cultural awareness among both Native and non-Native people in the region. Check our events section for current cultural events listings or call us for more information.

Support/Information Referral

Support/Information Referral - the Friendship Centre provides information and referral services to all Aboriginal people who require assistance in some way. If a service is beyond our capability, the case will be referred to the appropriate agency. We also work closely with a number of groups, organizations and agencies that support the Aboriginal community in the Capital region.