The Odawa Native Friendship Centre logo was designed by a young First Nations student from northern Ontario, Michael Sutherland, who was attending school in Ottawa during the mid 70's. The newly established Odawa Native Friendship Centre held a logo contest for a design that would best reflect the spirit of friendship represented by the centre. The logo features a Goose and a Fish - two precious commodities that have ensured the survival of generations of Indigenous peoples, especially in the north.

According to the artist, the Goose represented Indian people, and the Fish represented the Inuit people. They are joined together in friendship, within the circle of life. Nearly 25 years later, this logo is still relevant, as the Odawa Native Friendship Centre continues to uphold its original commitment to help Indigenous people in Ottawa to build a strong and vital community, in the spirit of friendship and goodwill toward all.

The logo reminds of a time not so long ago, when Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island began to retrace their steps, to relearn their traditional culture, history and lifeways. With that knowledge came pride - pride in a beautiful and rich heritage and pride in ourselves as nations.

It was during that time across Turtle Island that the traditional summer gathering, today known as the Pow Wow, was reborn. Today, "Pow Wow Time" is a signal to all Indigenous peoples, and to our friends from the four directions, to join us in friendship and peace: to dance, to visit, to eat, to trade and most of all to have fun.

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