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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Annual Meeting has been postponed and rescheduled to September 23, 2021, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


Great Canadian Giving Contest!

Odawa would like to thank all those who donated through the month of June for the Great Canadian Giving Content. Although Odawa was not successful, we congratulate the winner.

Let's keep the momentum going!



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Important! Annual General Meeting Announcement (Click here)

Odawa's main Covid-19 announcement in English / Francais

Self-Monitoring Chart

Downloadable Essential Services Charts in English / Francais
Official Regional Updates in English / Francais
**Seniors' exclusive shopping time
**Canceled Odawa May 2020 Pow Wow
**Life Long Care Update
**Justice Services Update
**Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin
Ottawa Community Housing English / Francais
Canada Health Agency and Ontario Update English / Francais
**New Membership Form!
**Odawa Now set up for E-Transfers!
**Great Canadian Giving Contest
**National Indigenous Day Celebration

Covid-19 Update by Canada.ca and Ontario.ca
***Version Francaise en bas***

The Public Health Agency of Canada and the official Ontario website have updated their resources for the Covid-19 pandemic. These resources are available in French and English:

Public Health Agency of Canada:
Covid-19 official page: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

(Click to Download)
How to quarantine/self-isolate
Slow down the propagation (washing hands)
An infographic about the disease (unavailable in French)
How to follow social distancing

Status Cases and How Ontario is Responding: https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-ontario-is-responding-covid-19
Self-Assessment: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/
If you think you have symptoms: https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/novel-coronavirus.aspx
Statistics: https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/reports-research-and-statistics/la-maladie-coronavirus-covid-19.aspx

Ressources for those pregnant and parenting during Covid-19: https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/social-distancing-for-parents-teens-and-children.aspx

The Odawa Native Friendship Centre would like to thank the Ottawa Community Housing for sharing these links.

Ottawa Community Housing Notice

We would like to share a message sent by the Ottawa Community Housing including links to critical services such as updates on Covid-19, support and assistance to tenants, as well as emergency financial ressources:

We want to thank you for everything you are doing to keep your family, community and Ottawa safe. OCH staff are talking to tenants supporting their children to learn, helping their neighbours or making decisions that help us fight COVID-19 together.

At OCH, we continue to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to do this is to help you access the resources you need. This is why we created a page full of resources and links for you on our website (www.och-lco.ca).

What resources are available on this page?

You will find resources specific to your tenancy during COVID -19 (questions about rent, how to submit documents and get a new key fob). Others are for anyone who lives in Ottawa (example: where to apply for financial support).

We have updated and added new resources to the section on Support and Assistance for Tenants. Here you will find information on crisis services, seniors support, mental health, food, gardening, laundry and much, much more.

Do you have concerns or questions about the services that OCH offers? Please feel free to call the OCH 24 / 7 Call Centre at 613-731-1182 or email us at: info@och.ca.

We understand that not every tenant has access to emails or the internet. We encourage you to share this information both widely and safely.

Brian Gilligan
Vice President, Community and Tenant Support"

(Click on the links)
Rent and How to Submit Documents
Support and Assistance to Tenants
Emergency Financial Resources

Please try refreshing the page if the image does
                  not appear

"Connect with Ottawa Community Housing

Please note that this is a rapidly changing situation, and the response by OCH and partners may change over time.
Please check OCH's social media channels (Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook | Instagram), the "latest news section" on the homepage of our website (www.och-lco.ca), and those of our partners for the most up-to-date information.
If you have any questions or concerns or just want to connect, you can also email your Community Developer (CDer) or Tenancy Support Worker (TSW). Please make sure to provide your street address and a phone number where we can reach you. We will try to contact you as quickly as possible.
For emergency repairs and safety and security services, always call the OCH Call Centre at 613-731-1182. Call Centre Operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Please keep safe. Practice regular hand washing and social distancing. Follow the most recent advice of Ottawa Public Health if you feel unwell. Please visit the OPH website (ottawapublichealth.ca) to get the most up-to-date information and recommendations regarding COVID-19.
Be kind to yourself and others. Together, we will get through this.
We look forward to resuming our work with you in person.”

The Odawa Native Friendship Center would like to thank Ottawa Community Housing for sharing these links for critical services.

If you have any question for Ottawa Community Housing please contact the Call Center at 613-731-1182 (open 24/7). If you have a medical emergency please call 911.



Below is the plan (see the attached poster) for the Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin, I am a kind man program during the Covid19 closures:

Download: .docx

If no image appears, please try refreshing the

Texte en Francais

En raison du Covid-19, les sessions de groupe sont reportées jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Nous proposons le programme de 12 semaines en sessions individuelles avec Google Meet. L'assistant traditionnel assistera également aux séances.
  • Semaine 1 Kizhaay Journey Orientation - Planifier notre itinéraire
  • Semaine 2 Préparation de notre voyage à Kizhaay
  • Semaine 3 Sagesse
  • Semaine 4 Amour
  • Semaine 5 Respect
  • Semaine 6 Bravoure
  • Semaine 7 Honnêteté
  • Semaine 8 Humilité
  • Semaine 9 Vérité
  • Semaine 10 Je suis un homme gentil - Plan
  • Semaine 11 Je suis un homme gentil - Entretien
  • Cérémonie de voyage de la semaine 12 - Passage Rituel

Pour planifier une admission et des séances individuelles, veuillez contacter Tina Ohlman au Cell: 613-286-4374 ou 613-722-3811 ext. 284


Below are the open days and hours for each of the Odawa Justice related services during the Covid-19 closures as indicated on the attached poster (only available in English):

!!! Important: The Courthouse closure date has been extended to July 6th, 2020. Please contact you lawyer, duty counsel or Courtworker for more information.

Download: .pdf

                  the image does not appear, please try refreshing the

****Version francaise du texte ci-dessous:

!!! Important: La date de fermeture du palais de justice a été reportée au 6 juillet 2020. Veuillez contacter votre avocat, avocat de garde ou assistant(e) parajudiciaire pour plus d'informations.

Voici les jours et heures d'ouverture pour chacun des services liés à la justice à Odawa pendant les fermetures de Covid-19, comme indiqué sur l'affiche ci-jointe (uniquement disponible en anglais):
  • Palais de justice d'Ottawa: fermé pour les comparutions régulières jusqu'au 6 juillet 2020.
  • Les services de probation restent ouverts; veuillez signaler comme indiqué.
  • Pour toute question ou besoin lié à la Cour et à la réintégration, veuillez communiquer avec Jennifer Valiquette au 613-697-5026, courtworker@odawa.on.ca
  • La surveillance de la mise en liberté sous caution avec Odawa se poursuit — Communiquez par téléphone avec Greg Meekis au 613-513– 4639 bailsupervision@odawa.on.ca
  • Pour les demandes de renseignements sur le programme de déjudiciarisation, y compris les plans de guérison et les reprogrammations du cercle de justice, appelez Simone Charette au 819-918-6176
  • Une aide traditionnelle est disponible pour les séances téléphoniques: Denise au 613-218-4119 du lundi midi à 15 h; Les mardis et jeudis de midi à 4; Vendredi 9h à 11h
  • Le travailleur de soutien par les pairs est disponible par téléphone, appelez Leah au 613-286-9475


The LLC program continues to serve the community!

Le programme Life Long Care continue de servir la communauté!

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                image doesnèt show, try refreshing the page


Odawa's 2020 May Pow-Wow is canceled due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and the Provincial Guidelines.


Download PDF: .pdf


  Information for Seniors:

The following link is a CTV (Ottawa) News clip of all the grocery stores and pharmacies offering exclusive shopping hours (7-8AM) for seniors 65+:

La ville d'Ottawa offre maintenant des heures exclusives (7hr a 8hr) pour les aînés pour faire les courses. Veuillez aller sur l'article de CTV pour voir quelles entreprises font l'offre.


************ Français en bas *************
Downloadable Lists of Essential Services
Many of these offer curb-side pick up and delivery.
(links to download below)

If this image does not show, please try refreshing
                the page
If this image does not show, please try refreshing
                the page
If this image does not show, please try refreshing
                the page

Grocery stores: .png
Pharmacies: .png
Others: .png

Downloadable Tips for Self-Care

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                the page

Download: .png

Official Updates

  • 2020 Property Tax Hardship Deferral Plan: the application process for property tax relief for residents financially impacted by COVID19 is now open.
  • The City of Ottawa is now accepting donations of personal protective equipment (PPE). A new formal donation process is in place for businesses and residents to donate commercial-grade PPE for emergency responders & front-line workers.
  • All parks and their facilities, including playgrounds, are closed to the public. Walkthroughs are permitted. Practice Physical Distancing and maintain minimum 2m distance from others

The Odawa Native Friendship Centre extends their gratitude to Catherine McKenney, City Counselor for Somerset Ward, for sharing this information.


Si l'image n'apparait pas, veuillez tenter
                d'actualiser la page
Si l'image n'apparait pas, veuillez tenter
                d'actualiser la page
Si l'image n'apparait pas, veuillez tenter
                d'actualiser la page

Épiceries: .png
Pharmacies: .png
Autres: .png

Conseils sur les Soins Personnels Téléchargeable

Si l'image n'apparait pas, veuillez tenter
                d'actualiser la page

Télécharger: .png

Dernières Nouvelles Officielles:

  • Programme de report des impôts fonciers de 2020 en cas de difficultés : les résidents financièrement touchés par la COVID-19 peuvent maintenant présenter leur demande.
  • La ville d'Ottawa accepte maintenant les dons d’équipement de protection individuelle (EPI). Nous invitons les entreprises et les entreprises qui souhaitent faire don d’EPI de qualité commerciale aux intervenants d’urgence et de première ligne à suivre la nouvelle procédure officielle.
  • Tous les parcs et leurs installations, y compris les terrains de jeux, sont fermés au public. Les promenades sont autorisées, à condition de maintenir un éloignement physique d’au moins deux mètres.

Le Centre de Fraternité Autochtone d'Odawa exprime sa gratitude à Catherine McKenney, conseillère municipale pour Somerset Ward, pour le partage de ces informations.



The Odawa Native Friendship Centre remains closed to the public, until further notice, but our staff is equipped and are working remotely from home. Please contact your program coordinators directly at 613-722-3811 and enter their extension to reach someone if you are in need of assistance. We will do our best to support you at this difficult time. On behalf of all Odawa staff, please stay safe and take good care.


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the Odawa Native Friendship Centre at Rideau High School will remain closed for everyone's safety and security. Critical services will remain active and/or available. The situation is a serious one.

  • Wash your hands frequently, cough in your elbow or in a tissue, and avoid touching your face;
  • Keep an eye on all members of your community over 60 years old or with preexisting conditions;
  • Avoid social gatherings, public transport, and leaving your house for any uncritical reasons;
  • Remain at a distance of 1m (3ft) from anyone with flu-like symptoms;
  • Stay informed on the situation --- from official/trust-worthy sources, as scams can blow up in times of crisis like this one;
  • Support one another online to limit the effects of isolation;

You can download self-monitoring information here: .jpg

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Below are links to information released by the Ontario Government, Canadian Government, and World Health Organisation:

The latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak is available on the World Health Organization's web page dedicated to it: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

For the latest information released by the Ontario Government and the Government of Canada:

https://news.ontario.ca/newsroom/en (General Latest News)
*Subscribe with your email (bottom of page). When asked to become a member of the media, select "no." Select to receive news "as it happens" and it's recommended to select "please send me all news."

https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus (COVID-19 information, Ontario)

https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus-covid-19-self-assessment (COVID-19 Self-Assessment, Ontario)

https://www.canada.ca/en/news.html (Latest news in Canada, bottom of page)

https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health.html (Public Health Agency of Canada)

https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html (COVID-19 information, Public Health Agency)

https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/campaign-campagne/ressources-entreprises-COVID-19-business-resources.aspx?lang=eng (Resources for Canadian Businesses)

www.linkedin.com (Community and Business Leaders are actively sharing practices, plans, and news regarding COVID-19)

Thank you Beth Boros, Training Dir. of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres for sharing the links.



Odawa Food Bank Volunteer


Odawa is looking for committed volunteers for the Emergency Food Cupboard.

Call reception @ 613-722-3811





510 Rideau Drop-In Centre Has Reopened


The location and contact info is:


510 Rideau St.

Ottawa, ON K1N 5Z6

P: 613-789-3077

F: 613-789-8403


Please note that the hours of operation are M-F, 8 am - 3 pm and meals are twice daily at 8 am & 12 pm.

Check the poster for further info: Poster (pdf)


510 now has the following programming:


Men's Traditional Healing & Support

Every Wednesday @ 3 pm

Snacks will be provided


Women's Support Group

Every Tuesday @ 1 pm

Crafts, songs & sharing!


Wellbriety Meetings (open to all)

Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Chance to listen and speak on addictions. Meal will be provided.


Contact Carrie Diabo for more information.


Free Legal Clinic


Odawa offers a free legal clinic for those that meet legal aid eligibility. Walk ins are welcome!

Dates now changed to the first and last thursday of each month.
Time: 12 pm - 3 pm

Contact Jennifer Valiquette for more information


Monthly Calendars


Please check the Odawa Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Odawa.Friendship



A Story of Impact

The Ottawa Aboriginal Best Start Committee is pleased to share our Video "A Story of Impact". It was created to promote awareness of Ottawa programs supporting Aboriginal children from 0-6 years.

To view our video please visit one of the following links: http://youtu.be/Sx8428j40Vc or https://vimeo.com/user28770532/videos
We hope you enjoy the video! When you have finished viewing it, please feel free to share it widely.

The following Aboriginal organizations participated in the creation of the video. Please contact any of us for more information:
Minwaashin Lodge www.minlodge.com
Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start www.makonsag.ca
Odawa Native Friendship Centre www.odawa.on.ca
Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre www.ottawainuitchildrens.com
Tungasuvvingat Inuit www.tungasuvvingatinuit.ca
Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health www.wabano.com

The Aboriginal Best Start Committee would like to thank the families who shared their stories in the creation of this video.


Odawa's Video Showcase


Celebrating over 33 years of dedicated services to the Ottawa region's Aboriginal community.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the Capital region. To maintain a tradition of community, an ethic of self-help and development as well as to provide traditional teachings from our elders. These are important values we will continue to reinforce and promote in the coming years.

The Odawa Native Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization serving the Aboriginal community in the Ottawa-Carleton Region of Eastern Ontario and surrounding communities.

The Odawa Native Friendship Centre opened its doors to the community in August 1975. The Aboriginal population has grown in the Ottawa community and we have expanded our services to meet their needs. We are an organization which offers various programs and services to people of all ages and where "Everyone Is Welcome".

For over three decades now, Odawa's volunteers, Board of Directors, committee members and staff have worked diligently to ensure that we positively affect the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the Capital region. A tradition of community, ethnic self-help and development, as well as traditional teachings from our elders are important values, which we will continue to reinforce in the coming years.


Odawa Annual Pow-Wow held each May, Native Veteran's Dinner, Traditional Drumming and Dancing, Dances, Socials and Family Events, Children's Pow-Wow.

Community Services:

Odawa Sweetgrass Home Childcare Agency, Youth Support, Employment Training & Referral, Family Support Service, Counselling Referrals, Culture Relations (Anti-Racism), Alcohol and Drug Counselling Referrals and an emergency food bank location.

Sports & Recreation:

Odawa's volleyball league, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Zumba, Annual Arts Auction, Volunteer Appreciation.

Odawa Is Committed To...

  • -Reinforcing Aboriginal cultural development and creating greater awareness and interaction with other cultures; this would include the Annual Summer Odawa Pow Wow which is a celebration of Aboriginal culture, enjoyed by over 18,000 visitors - Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals from across North America.
  • -Promoting positive Aboriginal images, self-respect and expression through a variety of cultural programs and activities.
  • -Facilitating the development of skills, knowledge and leadership in Aboriginal youth that will allow them to successfully participate in the surrounding community.
  • -Continuing to offer a range of services that meet the special needs of Aboriginal people who require assistance in an urban environment.

For Your Information:

If you are looking for information on eligibility and the application process for "Indian Status", click this link:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

(formerly known as Indian and Northern Affairs Canada or INAC)